Colours trigger

Colours trigger the mind. Its light-energy waves send messages to the brain and boom in our retina. We know that. We feel that. But… and this is the most thrilling part, not all of us feel it the same way. It follows, therefore, that knowing your own unique colour relationship is important to create a home that emotionally supports you, which is why I am most fond of this topic.

The psychologist Angela Wright, who studied how colour influences our attitudes and actions, found that all kinds of personalities had different colour palettes that positively resonate with them.

As a talented builder, this has changed the game, allowing me to read my customers even easier and build a home for them that feels really perfect. And the minds of 100 students I taught this technology have simply blown up.

It is so easy to easily get overwhelmed by all of Pinterest, magazines and Instagram’s mouth-watering images. So what’s the best look for you? How you combine a harmonious and fluid and coherent paint scheme in the house and make each room feel distinctive.

Color psychology provides an easy-to-follow atmosphere that allows you firstly to learn more of who you are and your particular interests and then to harmonise a variety of successful schemes. With transparency and absolute faith. Naturally, my hope is that it can help you make bolder design choices and those in which you like to live for future years!

Spring is all about new life and vitality, and after a long winter, the sun is warming up the world. Nature is busy with nature and gardeners this season of the year. The Spring personality is also generally packed with hope, young enthusiasm and new imagination.

If summer conjures memories of flamingos, garish Caribbean sombrero and turquoise waters, those feelings will for a moment be exiled. Image a quintessential, more fading, muted and, I dare hope, elegant European autumn. Spring greens and yellows with a touch of sun-free hayfields, powdery hydrangeas and falling wisteria appear delicately distinct.

The fiery spirit of a bonfire night is shifting in the autumn pace again. Burning hurry, rich golds, enhance the colours as the leaves get rich. Cool and intense is the Autumn palette. And the momentum is going forward like Spring with more work to be done in the greenhouse and on the harvest. This heavy and ample vitality is at the core of the Autumn personality in readiness for the coming winter.

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Dubai – UAE

Sunday, Nov 27, 2022