As they say, great leaders are made, not born. They are tested and honed to be able to lead people. Same goes for managers. These company leaders went to great lengths to prove themselves before they got the position.

Businesses and companies are always looking for people that they can develop and hone to be potential leaders in the company. Although a number of people might pass the general criteria, it takes more than skills to be a great leader. If you are in the process of picking out future leaders and managers in the company, here are the traits that you need to look out for:

  1. Accountable for their actions

Every person makes a mistake, but it takes a great deal of character to be accountable for their mistakes. A company needs a leader who can take good care of their team, especially during the times they make costly mistake. Companies providing leadership and corporate training in Dubai states that an excellent leader owns up to their shortcoming and not pass the blame to someone else. Since he/she is the head of the team, he/she is deemed responsible for each team member’s action.

  1. Objective and logical

It is easy for a person to be overwhelmed by situations and emotions, but if you are a leader, it is a must that you keep your emotions in check. A great leader looks at things objectively. He/she would not pass any judgment without the hard facts. This quality makes him/her perfect in leading a team.

  1. Communicative

A leader is not only tasked to lead the people, but he/she should be able to speak for them as well. One of the most important tasks of a manager is to be able to relay the message of his/her team to the management and vice-versa. He/She should know how to communicate without bias and also give sound suggestions and opinions if necessary.

  1. Capable of making hard decisions

One of the toughest tasks of a manager or leader is making tough calls when needed. Although this can be tedious, it is part of the territory. Being a leader means he/she can stand by those decisions and make his/her team understand why he/she takes that stand.

  1. Inspire others

Probably one of the most important traits a manager should possess. Apart from delegating tasks, he/she should be able to lead his/her team through inspiration. A leader should know when to pick up his/her team members and motivates them to work hard to reach a common goal.

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