Humans are not the only ones who needed some preparation during the change in season. Cars and vehicles, too, needed some prep during the seasonal change so they can cope better and provide better service to car owners.


Whether you are living in a location where the weather is constantly hot or in a place that is used to different weather systems, these car maintenance and performance tuning tips can better help on preparing your vehicle:
Summer season


During the summer season, your car might be experiencing some dehydration in terms of fluids. So be sure that your car fluids are on the acceptable level, especially the battery fluids. If you take this for granted, expect that you will be having some car troubles, like starting your car, on the road.


The summer season might also be the best time to change your car seats for a much cooler driving experience. If you have leather car seats, make sure that you put some towels on it to provide insulation between the passenger and the hot seat. Better yet, replaced it with a cloth seats which promote better air circulation.


Cold weather


Cold weather and snow season can also wreak havoc on your car, especially the tires. All-season tires will do on this kind of weather but it will not give you the traction you need to keep you safe while driving on a slippery road due to snow. Opt for the latter. Also, do not forget to check your tire pressure. Cold weather can increase tire pressure by 1-2 pounds per square inch. If not checked, your tire could blow or rupture while on the road.


Rainy days


Like the winter season, rainy days can cause some car trouble for you. Apart from getting the right tires for this kind of season, you also need to check your car’s finish. The rain and soot can be harmful for your car’s coating and paint as the oxidation can cause rusting. It will not only harm the car’s finish, but also weaken your car’s frame. Adding some car finish protection can help lessen the damage.


However, car experts recommend that car should have coating protection all year round. It would be best to consult with car repair shops that offer car paint protection in Dubai to know what is the best coating protection you can apply to your car to withstand any weather or season.

Monday, Dec 4, 2023