Articles written for SEO purposes are filtered by search engines to find out matching content which are precisely same. They do not want to include such results which are same with the following set of results or may be corresponding photos rooted in them. You never know that content gets searched systematically and gets accredited among different parties. It also may be searched for plagiarism to find out unoriginal content anywhere on the network. It could also check that the same article is posted at different places on the web that host SEO submissions. All such possible cases are searched out by search engines. The very first thing when we talk about content is that it should be uniquely determined to be used for activities like SMS advertising in Dubai. This does not mean that you cannot take a paragraph from Wikipedia or put it into other article or blog you are writing; that’s not duplicative in nature as long as you make sure that you are adding unique significance to it.

Myths and wrong beliefs

While some people think that just changing the words of someone else’s article would do that work; you have theoretically made a unique content but not a unique value. By search engine’s definition, they like to see such content which no other provider is providing. They are also building algorithms to check this issue as well these days. Also, SEO people should chuck out mythical percentage calculations going on their mind, it does not conclude anything. People imagining that a content which is 0% duplicate, 50/50 or 100% duplicate has something to do with content fusion, they are all wrong. Search engine does not look for any such factor. The algorithms behind the scene might be so much sophisticated that any kind of mythical percentile or any such wrong belief could not prove duplicity of text.

Methods to good content writing

Any SEO and bulk SMS service provider in UAE would ask you to think about uniqueness in your content while writing SEO articles. That user usage data, social shares, branding, links and all those patterns which contribute to unique value of the content should be kept into thought while writing. If you are thinking of producing an article section on a separate site which has 5000 licensed articles, you won’t get that much SEO value but you would acquire few search engine traffic. It could hurt you when it comes to ranking algorithms; you never know your site could get caught under that very category.

But keeping few concerns, one could definitely make their content pass through positively by search engines. Being in the news attracts lots of link consideration. You can use it as a content strategy. Creating controversy for links is also one such factor that affects SEO content behavior. Many brands often do this for good reason. You don’t need to be the controversial source to gain benefits. Without taking any sides, highlight different point in your text in form of creative words and you job is done. Instead of worrying about content, become the sole producer of your text thereby being the attention leader of the search engine.

About being duplicate content, Google has been very specific and it could harm SEO content copiers. So, write your content mindfully so that it deserves a good rank amongst all.

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024