Dubbing and recording of voice overs are critical part of post-production project. Once the video editor is able to piece together the clips, it is time for the audio experts to do their job and laid out the audio to perfect synch with the video clips.

But before you get to that point, you need to prepare to ensure that the actual dubbing and voice recording to go well. Read on this prep tips so you will know the things you need to prep:


  • Look for a voice talent in advance

The first thing that you need to do is to look for a voice talent or talents who will lend their voice for the project. Depending on the extent of the audio and voice needed for the project and the quality of voicing needed of the project, look for a Hindi voice over artist that will fit your requirement.


It would be best if you can look for voice talents that have a wide-range of voice that can fulfill several roles. This is important, especially for project who have more than one character that needs to be voiced. You can check out a trusted service provider that provides voice over artist in Dubai or ask for recommendations for your teammates.


  • Prepare your audio script

Once you found the right voice talent/s for the job, you can now proceed with preparing the audio script. This may be the most crucial part of the preparation as you need to ensure that the script is finished and well-prepared for the voice actors to use. Since this is a voice dubbing, you need to double-check the script for grammatical errors and incorrect content. You may also want to indicate words that needs to be emphasized as it may help voice talents spot parts of the script that should be intonated. Provide necessary instructions if necessary.


  • Book the studio in advance

One thing that delay projects is the failure to book the equipment in advance. Be sure that you will book your recording studio at least one week before the scheduled dubbing and recording session, along with the audio engineers that will manage the studio. You may need to provide them a brief about the project and what would be your technical requirements for the project.


  • Set a pre-production meeting

At least two days before the meeting, set a pre-production meeting with your team so you can finalize all the details related to dubbing and recording.

Sunday, Mar 26, 2023