Had you been to Dubai, you would notice pink taxis. They are not meant to stand in the crowd for no reason: pink taxi means that the driver is female. In some countries, female drivers are extremely rare but not in Dubai. If you’re thinking how can local women work as taxi drivers, I will satisfy your curiosity. Lady drivers in Dubai are expats and immigrants from other countries. Why are there special pink taxis? Well, the female drivers of pink taxis are allowed to pick up only women or at most men, who are accompanied by women. Let’s take a closer look at how female drivers work in Dubai.

The working day starts at 5 A.M.

Pink taxis with female drivers start their work early in the morning to pick up customers at airports. These women are required to wear special uniforms that indicate that they’re taxi drivers. Sometimes, it is a pink hijab but depending on the emirate, it can vary. Drivers usually set goals of earnings to determine the end of the working day. Usually, around $135 is enough to call the working day off. Lady drivers work 6 days a week, leaving Friday as a one-day weekend.


Pink Taxi drivers are usually expats from other countries

A lot of people move to Dubai in hopes of better lives. The female taxi drivers belong to this group too. They want to save some money to either support their families or open their businesses. $165 a day is a decent money compared to what they would get, had they stayed in their home countries. Some of the female drivers have made taxis their own business, like driving an Uber. The rest works for services, which means they just get some percentage of their daily earnings. You would be surprised to find out what kind of education these female drivers have. Nonetheless, because of not having the necessary resources to establish a business or get a higher position, they work as taxi drivers for a while.


If you are a female visiting Dubai then take a pink taxi to get to your hotel from the airport. The drivers are well-mannered and extremely nice, you can easily start a conversation with them. After all, we get impressions and memories from the people more than anything else. The pink drivers will definitely become one of your favorite moments in Dubai. Ride a pink taxi!

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024