There are many people who want to travel to the UK and then stay there. Many of them are investors and they wish to get a visa through their investments. The Government of the United Kingdom has created the UK Tier 1 investor visa for such individuals. They can invest a certain amount of money and then they will have the visa for a stay of three years and four months. However they can apply for an extension on the same visa without investing further after they have reached the United Kingdom, so this means that they can get an extension on the visa from a single investment.

The government of the United Kingdom maintains an updated website and you can click here on to visit their website. According to official sources, you must fulfil a number of basic requirements in order to be considered for this visa. The first requirement is that you should be eighteen years or older. Countries that have set their maturity age less than eighteen years have no effect on this requirement, as the law of the UK states that the age of maturity is 18. So even if you are a legal adult in your country at 16 or 17, you will still have to wait till you are 18 in order to apply for the tier 1 visa.

The second thing is that you must have valid proof that the funds that you are willing to invest in the United Kingdom are either yours or that they belong to your spouse or same-sex partner. This is imperative for all applicants, so this should be taken care of at once. The UK government does not give consideration to any funds that are being held in escrow as legally those can go either way. So they have made it incumbent upon the applicant that they should be able to show that the funds that they wish to invest re either in a financial institution that is regulated or they are in disposable form, as in ready to be spent. This excludes all funds that are obtained through illegal means or the ones obtained through money laundering.

Your funds should be no less than 2,000,000 pounds when you apply for the process. If your funds dwindle below this amount when they are checked, the application is rejected. You may keep the funds in your own country, or send them to the UK, there is no requirement o specifically send the funds before applying for the visa.

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