Dentists are very professional oral health care providers and always advice in-house maintenance and oral care guidelines to make our smiles healthy and bright. Dental care is a time-taking job but sometimes lack of energy and tough routines force individuals to ignore their teeth which leads them to a dental clinic in Abu Dhabi. The dental clinics offer the best solutions and treatments for the dental issues. With the help of the right oral care products and routine habitual maintenance we can achieve bright teeth without additional dental visits.

1. Brush Your Teeth Before Bed:

Night time brushing is very important because it is a spare time for germ buildup while we are sleeping. Food particles and germs start plaque building and teeth decay process so it is highly recommended to brush your teeth before bed time.

2. Brush Properly and Gently:

Brushing is a technique and a very important way to clean every side of the tooth. Poor way of brushing doesn’t do any good to the goal of effective oral cleaning, so brush your teeth in proper circular motions and give total importance to every side of the teeth for plaque removal. Plaque becomes hardened with time and forms calculus which is very tough to remove and need doctor’s appointment.

3. Tongue is equally important:

Tongue is very attractive towards plaque building. Mouth odor and dark colored tongue gives very bad appearance. Gently brush your teeth and rub your tongue as well to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

4. Fluoride toothpastes are preferable:

Fluoride toothpastes have defensive properties against germ building. Choosing the right toothpaste is very important part of the oral hygiene. Other than whitening power and flavors, fluoride containing toothpaste fights against germs and provides protective barrier for your teeth.

5. Flossing is also important:

Flossing is not meant to pluck out food pieces and stuck chicken threads but also important to clean edges and sides of your teeth. It helps in reducing plaque and germ deposits and also lowers inflammation and sensitivity in the gums.

6. Use of a Mouthwash:

Mouth wash reduces mouth acidity, sanitizes whole mouth, and provides minerals to the teeth. Different brands are available according to age and mouth problems like children cavity, adult’s sensitive teeth etc.

7. Water intake:

Rather using cola and preservative juices, water is a natural source of hydration and for cleaning all parts of the body including mouth. Drinking water during every meal cleans food particles and improves metabolism. It also reduces food acidity and sticky food depositing in the teeth.

8. Dental Visits are necessary:

It is recommended to visit your dentist at least once a year to avoid any serious dental problem. Though he can provide you any type of dental emergency services like same day dental implants, but it’s better not to visit for emergency medical reasons but just for satisfactory views about your beautiful smiles.

Sunday, Apr 14, 2024