After trying all sorts of different creams and lotions for your body you must have become a hoarder because there would be some products which you completely and utterly regret buying and there would be some of them which you must have fallen in love with. Then comes the category of such products which are good and also work but you just never get around using them. Too much for skin care? Well, no worries as here we take you through Dubai skin care products which you can use while bathing and should definitely own:

  • Washing and scrubbing products

One of the very first things which come to mind when we talk about buying bath and body products online are the scrubbing tools. You must have been familiar with the loofah and face wash brush but you should also own a body scrubbing brush and feet and hand massager. This will help you get things cleaner deeply unlike your soft smooth hands which cannot rub off the dirt and grease of your body.

  • Moisturizers and serums

After being done with the hot shower you must bring back the drained moisture to your skin. You will have to keep all sorts of body lotions and creams along with you because often after shaving over a harsh scrub your skin would be shouting for some hydrating moisturizers. Along with them make sure you are also using serums for your face and body which help in different things. You can choose the serum considering your skin type and the problem you would like to deal with on hand.

  • Hand and foot cream

Moisturizers will stay at their own place but specified hand and foot cream hold their own importance. There are different hand and foot products which one could be using. For removal of dead skin and exfoliating the feet it is important that continuous use of these treatments is done. Make sure that you are taking your routine seriously before some bigger damage could happen.

You can also add the home remedies and treatment to your bath and body products because we know people who like making their own scrubs and masks at home which is a really good habit. But soon it becomes hard to keep up with the home made treatments and that’s when these products come in handy.

Monday, Dec 4, 2023